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The history of the Hotel BAYERISCHER HOF

In November 1918 Hans Seuss - * 24.02.1892 + 28.05.1954 - bought the inn "Bayerischer Hof". On 14 Juli 1923 he married Berta, born Schöntag - * 18.03.1898 + 14.12.1978.

Under the guidance of the family, a complete renovation and expansion of 3 upper levels was completed in winter 1927/28. In the beginning of the 1930´s the hotel was expanded further and a lot, where today the garage and the park deck are located, was purchased. Continuously renovation and modernisation to include an elevator, walk-in refrigerators, laundry, and dishwasher made the house one of the leading hotels in Bayreuth. It was a favourite for businessmen, artists, and festival guests.

On 11th April 1945, 3 days before the arrival of the American Army, the hotel was completely destroyed by the last bomb attack on Bayreuth.

By the unrelenting efforts of family and staff, the new Bayerischer Hof has been rebuilt.

Hotel drawing

From the hotel chronicles:

  • 01.04.45 Complete destruction by a bomb attack
  • 01.01.1947 6 rooms, 10 beds, restaurant with 14 seats
  • 02.10.1948 20 rooms, 25 beds, restaurant with 31 seats
  • 28.05.1950 56 rooms, 75 beds, entrance hall and restaurant
  • 1951 Reopening of the Bayreuth Opera Festival
  • 1952 Opening of the roof garden restaurant on the 5th floor
  • 1954 Death of the founder of the family enterprise Hans Seuß

The 2nd generation

  • the family tradition is continued by his son, Hans Seuß * 1925
  • 1955 Marriage to Helga, born Pöhlmann, * 1930
  • * 1957 Hans Seuß
  • * 1960 Birgit Seuß
  • 1961 Further expansion of kitchen and storage rooms, addition of a conference room on the 2nd floor
  • 1969 Renovation of the roof garden restaurant
  • 1970-1973 Complete renovation of the ground floor:
    • Spanische Stube: Spanish style
    • Hans-Sachs-Stube - traditional Franconian style
    • restaurant, entrance hall and reception - modern and elegant
  • 1977 Addition of 15 garden view rooms, indoor pool with sauna, garden, and roof top sundeck
  • 1983-1984 Construction of underground garages, and park deck with 32 parking spaces

The 3rd generation

  • 1986 Hans Seuß (* 1957) joins his father as director
  • * 1987 Maximilian Seuß
  • Juli 1990 Renovation of the reception area and the restaurant
  • 28.03.1991 Our wonderful suite is finished
  • 29.08.1991 Closing of our roof garden restaurant
  • 1992 5 new double rooms on the 5th floor are completed
  • 1992 A small bar is installed in the entrance hall and the entrance and front of the house are modernized
  • 1997 Hans Seuß * 1925 retires, his son Hans is now the managing owner
  • 1997 Opening of the "GENDARMERIE" an original french style restaurant-bistro which offers a typical french bistro menu
  • 1998 Renovation of our Hotel corridors - a journey thru Europe, Asia and the USA
  • 2004 spa area renovated
  • 2002-2005 ¼ of the rooms adapted for allergic persons
  • 2006-2011 80% of the rooms were renovated

We are proud of our Bayerischer Hof and hope you will find here a home far from home.

Family Seuß and employees

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