Hotel Bayerischer Hof Bayreuth

Booking Information

Information and Conditions during the Bayreuth Festival Season.
- please read carefully, if you want to reserve a room -

Cancalation Policy

Allgemeine Bedingungen für den Hotelaufnahmevertrag (PDF)

You should not book your room, before you have not received the confirmation for your festival tickets.

Cancellation or change of a confirmed reservation are only possible, if the hotel agrees to by mail..

We are forced to apply such rigid cancellation policy, because after the termination of the ticket allocation process (around February) all guests will have booked their rooms, and there will be no further demand for rooms during July/August.


ELVIA offers the perfect coverage for your trip. Take out your insurance here and receive your documents by e-mail.
HOTEL-STORNOVERSICHERUNG (der Link führt zum Buchungsmodul).

Prepayments - deposit payments

After the receipt of the final confirmation of your reservation we kindly ask you to make a 50% downpayment. Past experience has proven that this procedure is unavoidable in order to guarantee a flawless operation. We will credit the amount of your downpayment after receipt from your bank to your hotel account. We kindly ask you to comply with our terms of payment, since we cannot, otherwise, guarantee your reservation.

One more thing: your travel agency or other offices will ask for full prepayment and charges handling fee.

Therefore, it is in your own best interest to book with us directly.

"Der Ring des Nibelungen" (=The Ring)

The Ring consists of 4 Operas - Rheingold/ Walküre/ Siegfried/ Götterdämmerung - which are performed in one cycle over 6 days.There is one day off between Walküre and Siegfried and one day off between Siegfried and Götterdämmerung.

One ticket is valid for all 4 operas.

That means for the hotels, that they only rent rooms for 6 subsequent nights and you have to take the room for the whole cycle! If you want to share 1 Ring cycle with a friend or a bussines partner, do not forget to share the room for the corresponding days. In consequence, we rarely have rooms available, if you want to start your stay on a day when Götterdämmerung is performed.


Check-in time is at 2 p.m.
Check-out time is at 11.a.m. We kindly ask you to not upset this schedule as the following guests would surely like to freshen up before the opera.

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